LulzSec hackers jailed for cyber attacks
Financial Times, 16 May 2013

Members of the LulzSec hacking collective who carried out a string of cyber attacks on large global institutions were jailed on Thursday.
Ryan Ackroyd, Jake Davis and Ryan Cleary had pleaded guilty under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 to attacking the computer systems of the CIA, FBI and entertainment group Sony from their bedrooms, as far apart as London and the Shetland Islands.

LulzSec2The men accessed millions of email addresses, passwords and credit card details in a string of sophisticated cyber-raids and posted the results online. They also carried out so-called denial of service attacks which crippled a number of high profile websites, which also included the National Health Service and News International, the media group.

Sentencing the men at Southwark Crown Court in London, Judge Deborah Taylor said that while they thought they were playing a cyber game, their actions had very real consequences.

“You cared nothing for the privacy of others but did everything you could through your computer activities to hide your own identities while seeking publicity,” she said.

LulzSec, which has claimed responsibility for dozens of cyber attacks, is an offshoot of Anonymous, a loose collective of internet “hactivists”

Mr Cleary was jailed for 32 months, Mr Ackroyd for 30 months and Mr Davis for two years. A fourth man, Mustafa Al-Bassam, was given a suspended sentence.